Mother Crashes Through Fence, Pond; Dies

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It appears to be a rainy morning and the resulting slick roads that sent a 2002 Dodge pickup truck into a pond 15 miles northeast of Bryan Saturday.

Matt Baker lives at the ranch where the accident occurred, and was out rounding up his horses in the morning. "It sounded like a gunshot went off about 9:30 or so," he said. "I really didn't think much of it, but then some fellows come in off the road and we're looking out here in the pasture. They came in the ranch and they said they'd seen a vehicle go through the fence."

The truck began its trip by going through an outer fence on Old San Antonio Road and through a horse pasture. It then crossed through a second fence and into the resident's backyard. At that point, it went through a third and final fence before ending up in the pond. All in all, it was a trip that covered between 300 and 400 yards.

"When we got out there, there was a little boy," said Baker. "I asked if anybody was with him, and he said he thought his mom was dead."

Geraldine Overman, 43, of Hilltop Lakes was killed when a piece of one of the wooden fences impaled her in the neck. Investigators still looking into the case say it is possible Overman's foot remained on the gas after she was hit, sending the car careening through the ranch. In the passenger seat was Overman's five-year-old son, who was uninjured in the wreck.

"As far as out on the road, it didn't appear that anything else, no other vehicles, were involved in it," according to DPS trooper Michael Hubbard.

When asked if the heavy rain and winds may have played a part in the accident, Hubbard said, "that's still under investigation as well. There's a possibility because it was raining at the time. The roads were wet."

Both mother and son were wearing their seatbelts, according to DPS.