Presidential Candidates Look Toward Texas

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If you like to look your candidates in the eye before pulling the lever for them, you might just get your chance, with the presidential candidates.

Super Tuesday's primaries failed to whittle the field down to a single person for either party.

Now, the attention will shift to Texas and three other states for the March 4th primaries.

Despite all the hype, Super Tuesday wasn't so super.

With no definitive candidate yet, it won't be long before both Republicans and Democrats head to Texas for the March 4th primary.

"I think it'll be real exciting, I really do," said David Kent, chairman of the Brazos County Republican Party.

Apparently, so do a lot of Brazos County voters who've been calling their local party headquarters.

"We're getting questions about 'where do I go vote, I need to vote, when does voting start?' I think they would go vote today if they could," said Maggie Charleton, executive director of the Democratic Party of Brazos County.

The four weeks between now and the primary gives the candidates a chance to come face to face with Lone Star voters.

"We will have candidates in Texas. Whether we have them in Brazos County, I don't know. I don't think they know at this point. The opportunity is going to definitely be there. If not they'll be in Houston, they'll be in Austin," said Charleton.

Although the location isn't clear, both parties agree on one thing.

"I think they'll campaign hard here in Texas because there's a lot of votes," said Kent.

For the Republicans, 183 delegates are up for grabs, and 228 for the Democrats, which means this year, Texas could play a major role in deciding both parties' nominees.

"There for a while, I was sad that we didn't start our primary early, but it looks like now its going to be to our advantage," said Kent.