UK to Extradite Islamic Preacher

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LONDON (AP) - An Islamic preacher who's accused of trying to set
up a terrorist training camp in Oregon will apparently be heading
to the U.S. to face charges.
Britain's Home Office today approved the extradition of Abu
Hamza al-Masri (AH'-boo HAHM'-zuh ahl MAHZ'-ree).
He was arrested on a U.S. extradition warrant in May of 2004.
But the extradition process was put on hold as he stood trial in
Britain and then appealed his convictions.
Today's decision could mean he'll be in the U.S. within a month.
He has two weeks to appeal the extradition order.
Al-Masri has already been sentenced to seven years in prison in
Britain for urging followers to kill non-Muslims and fomenting
racial hatred. If he's convicted in the U.S. he'd serve the rest of
his sentence in Britain before serving any prison time in the U.S.