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Wareing and Gay Square Off on News 3

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The tension is high as Election Day nears, and there was no letting up Tuesday morning when News 3 hosted a debate between College Station's place three hopefuls.

Robert Wareing and Ron Gay sparred over a variety of issues, including cooperation with the city of Bryan, and the heated debate over the public funding of the arts.

Moderator Mike Wright began with a series of questions about current council topics like the proposed city center complex and the apparent discrepancy between voter-approved funding and the projected cost.

Wareing stressed that the plans were in their early stages, while Gay criticized Wareing for what he called inattention to the financial details of the project.

The discussion soon moved to rumors that have been circulating about the candidates.

Wareing denied that he has ever received outside input via e-mail and other electronic devices during council meetings, and Gay stressed that he will work for all residents of College Station, not just the interests of businesses.

If you want to watch a replay of the whole debate, click on the topic in our Featured Video section.