Critical Testimony at White Murder Trial

A crucial day in the James David White capital murder trial as the defense gets to question the man they say could prove their case.
For most of the day, defense attorney David Barron went toe-to-toe with Lonnie Turner Junior who they claim forced White to kill Lonnie Turner Senior.
Under cross examination, Lonnie Junior admitted he didn't check his father's body after discovering it.
He also couldn't provide an eyewitnesses who saw him washing his car at the time of the murder.
Another point of contention was an unlit porch light.
Lonnie Junior admitted to screwing a bulb back in before checking to see if the reason the light was out was because it was turned off.
Barron told jurors it proves Lonnie Junior knew it was unscrewed.
Throughout the questioning, Lonnie Junior remained calm and composed.
He explained his lack of emotion after the shooting as an attempt to remain strong for his distraught uncle.
Testimony continues tomorrow in Huntsville.