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KBTX Photographer Honored at National Memorial

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A journalist's job can be exciting and very rewarding, but covering the news can also be dangerous.

In fact, 2004 was one of the most deadly years for journalists world wide -- in history.

That hit close to home last June when KBTX Photographer Matthew Moore was killed in a live van accident.

His and the names of 77 other journalists were added to a national memorial this week.

June 8th, 2004....Matthew Moore came to work not expecting danger -- not anticipating tragedy.

78 journalists were added to the Journalist Memorial for 2004.

Many of their deaths never made headlines...never graced the pages they sacrificed to fill with words.

But now each of their names will forever be etched on a national memorial.

"They were covering a story, simply trying to gather the news and we mourn their deaths," says CNN Senior Correspondent Judy Woodruff.

The Freedom Forum's Journalists Memorial has over 1,600 names dating back to 1812.

Every year more and more names are added to the memorial's glass panels.

Families with heavy hearts and tear stained faces...leave behind a yellow rose.

They--like the Moore's never imagined their son, daughter -- husband or wife would be permanently honored for the work they did everyday.

"Your loved ones didn't volunteer for martyrdom," says Freedom Forum President Charles Overby. "They were simply doing their job. That makes them greater heros then martyrs because they died doing their jobs."

And that certainly rings true for Matthew Moore.

The Journalist Memorial is located in Arlington, Virginia but will soon move to a new home in Washington DC in 2007.