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White Trial Nearing a Close

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Wednesday was a long and emotional day in the James David White capital murder trial in Huntsville. White took the stand in his own defense and recounted the events of the day Lonnie Turner Senior was murdered.

The defense pointed the spotlight on their client's mental state. A psychologist testified White had a low I.Q. and suffers from a personality disorder.

Then White took the stand. He admitted to a history of drug use and claims on the night of the murder he was high from a joint laced with embalming fluid.

White says he was riding with Lonnie Junior to the Turner home when Lonnie Junior gave him a pair of gloves and a mask and ordered him to use them to kill Lonnie Senior.

White said he thought it was just a joke until they reached the Turner residence and Lonnie Junior put a gun to his neck and demanded that he shoot Lonnie Senior.

White said he feared Lonnie Junior would kill him so he aimed the gun at Lonnie Senior who was lying in bed and pulled the trigger.

The prosecution says White is changing his story and pointed out discrepancies. After taking Thursday off, closing arguments are expected Friday.