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Baby Moses Law

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It was a horrific discovery Wednesday night when the body of a newborn was found in a dumpster at Sam Houston State University.

While the search for the mother continues, University officials are stressing a law that could have saved the baby's life.

When the Huntsville community first heard the news, they didn't believe it was true.

" First of all, I was devastated. I was sad. I mean, how can you just take away a life? " said Stephanie Herbert, a Sam Houston State Senior.

Sam Houston State police say someone rummaging through a dumpster made the gruesome discovery of a dead female baby inside a garbage bag.

"The body's been sent to the Dallas County medical examiner to try to find out more details about the birth," said Frank Krystyniak, with University Relations.

Police notified area hospitals and conducted room checks throughout campus in search of clues, but turned up nothing.

"This kind of leaves them to speculate whether or not the body was actually from on campus. There's nothing at this point to say that it was," said Krystyniak.

"Who ever did this, I'm sure they fell pretty guilty and I feel like they should just come on out and admit to it," said Hebert.

One of the saddest things about this incident is that there's a possibility that it could have been avoided. A state law protects parents who abandon their baby from criminal charges. But only if the baby is left unharmed and at a place where it can receive medical attention.

It's called the Baby Moses Law. Its purpose is to encourage parents who want to abandon their babies to do so in a safe place.

The law calls these safe places designated emergency infant care providers and examples include. Hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and child placement agencies.

With no leads, police are left waiting for the autopsy results to determine the cause of death and still hoping some with any helpful information will come forward.

Once again, police are looking to talk to anyone who can help with this case. If you have any information, please call Sam Houston State University police at 936- 294- 1794.