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Registered Sex Offender Database Added to Bryan GIS

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The city of Bryan has unveiled a new feature on its website which allows residents to pinpoint exactly where registered sex offenders live.

The database is part of the Geographic Information System, or GIS, to help local residents be more aware of the approximately 140 registered sex offenders who live in Bryan, College Station and Brazos County.

Bryan GIS takes information about registered sex offenders, currently available to the public via a statewide database and plots it into a more reliable and user-friendly mapping system.

The data gives the public an aerial view of where a registered sex offender lives, their risk level and generic information about their victims. Each registered sex offender plotted on the map is linked to the Texas Department of Public Safety Registered Sex Offender Web site, which provides additional information, including photographs of the convicted offender.

Bryan Assistant Police Chief, Freddie Komar said, "We want to do everything we can to help provide information so parents and grandparents can make educated decisions concerning the safety of their children."

GIS is already in use by the Bryan Police Department to plot crimes, crime trends and calls for service.
The sex offender database is a concerted effort between Bryan, College Station and Brazos County.

The Registered Sex Offender GIS map is available through the Bryan Police Department Web page at http://www.bryantx.gov/departments/police/cop/disc.htm or by clicking on Featured Links at kbtx.com.