Comprehensive List of Local Elections

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The following is a comprehensive list of the races for Saturday's elections. It is ordered alphabetically by city. Throughout Election Night, stay tuned to KBTX to keep up with all the races, and log on to for continuous vote updates.

An "(I)" next to a candidate's name indicates they are the incumbant in the race.

Bedias, City of
City Council At-Large (two to be elected)
Robert Upchurch (I)
Raby Walin
Maurice Belizaire

Bremond, City of
Ricky G. Swick (I)
Nancy Heaton

Place 2
Theresa “Tessy” Crawford
Theodore Yanowski (I)

Bremond ISD
Trustee, Place 2
George Yezak
Harry Seely

Brenham, City of
Ward 4
Rodney D. Williams
Danny Goss

Brenham ISD
Position 2
Carey A. Counsil
Rev. Keith Kallie

Bryan, City of
City Councilmember Single Member District 3
Jason P. Bienski
Dan Flint

Single Member District 4
Mark Conlee
Mike Southerland

Bryan ISD
Board of Trustees Single Member, District 2
Dora DeJesus
Pat Shields
P.J. Vargas, Jr.

Board of Trustees, At Large, Place 6
Clyde L. Garland
Daniel W. Graalum
G. Dale Ison
David Stasny

Buffalo, City of
Charlie Sayles Scott (I)
Ken Stevens

City Council
Steven Sutton
Dudley Casey
Ken Stevens

Caldwell, City of
Alderman (three to be elected)
Barbara Cunningham
James Hadley
Jessie Edward Enrique, Jr.
Jonnie Vic Barnett

Caldwell ISD
Trustee (two to be elected)
Marc Groce
Lisa Brinkman Blum
Marcy Jones
Barry Rose

Calvert, City of
Karol Allen
Marcus Greaves

Alderman, Place 2
Richard Jackson
J.C. Woods

Alderman, Place 3 (unexpired term)
Bobby Jean Alford
Sandra Hulsey

Alderman, Place 4
Fran Lamb
Gilsie Wiese

Calvert ISD
School Board, Place 6
Elaine Hensarling
Volney L. “Bubba” Alston III

School Board, Place 7
Charles E. Lamb
Dan Jordan

Cameron, City of
Tax Freeze Ordinance

Council Member, Ward 1
David Harwell
Cliff Cryer
Gladys Lee

Cameron ISD
School Trustee (two to be elected)
Gene Vaculin
Larry Green
Scott Leonard
Willyne Stanislaw

College Station, City of
City Council, Place 3
Robert Wareing
Ron Gay

City Council, Place 5
Chris Scotti
Phil Shackelford
Marilyn Hooton
Justin Whitworth

College Station ISD
Board of Trustees, Place 7
Matthew J. Collins
Steve Aldrich

Conroe ISD
Trustee, Position 1
John Husbands
Alan A. Moore
Rita Wiltz

Franklin ISD
$25 Million Bond

Hearne, City of
Mayor, Place 1
Richard E. Quinn
Emmett T. Aguirre
Ruben Gomez (I)

Councilperson, Place 3
Maxine Vaughn
Charles “Charlie” Bowman (I)

Councilperson, Place 5
James E. Crawford (I)
Michael Werlinger

Hempstead, City of
Alderman, Position 3
Emma Washington (I)
Darrell Gross

Alderman, Position 4
Dave Shelburne
Malcolm Brown

Alderman, Position 5
Paris Kincade (I)
Alan Younts

Huntsville, City of
Mickey S. Evans
Ronald Vance Howard
James Lee Carter
Gary E. Crawford
James Miller Turner

Ward 3
George Emmitt Oliver
Clarence Griffin

Ward 4
Robert M. Tavenner
Thomas E. Blackard

Huntsville School Board
Position 4
Rissie Owens
Stephen Rose
Roger Collins
Tobe H. Oliphant
Karin Olson Williams

Madisonville, City of
Alderman (regular two year term – three to be elected)
Joe Drew
Don Lasiter
Terri Creel
Wilton Stewart
Blanche Webber
Marvin Stanton
Lois Brown
Debra Drake

Madisonville ISD
Board of Trustees, Place 7
Joel Shaw
Jerry High

Magnolia, City of
Position 2
Ronnie Chumley
Richard A. Carby

Position 3
Daniel Todd Kana
Clores N. Bramlett

Magnolia ISD
Position 4
Brent O’Neal (I)
Brian Frost

Milano, City of
City Council
Henry Dykes
Carol Newman
Rodney Gage
Sara Myers-Keno

Milano ISD
School Board At-Large (two to be elected)
Brian Gage
Scott Malovets
Lynn Martin
Catrina Steinbecker
Alton Bell, Sr.
John Paniagua
Karl Westbrook
Jay Willingham
Ronald Davenport
Edward Westbrook

Montgomery ISD
Trustee, Position 1
Mark Corson
Tom Riley

Navasota, City of
Place 4
Bert Miller
Bill Herod

Place 5
Russell Cushman
Pat Gruner

Normangee ISD
Board, Position 4
Birdine Perry (I)
Donald Lively
Mark Lincecum

Rockdale, City of
West Ward
Ray McClain
Darrell R. Grear

Snook ISD
Trustee (two to be elected)
Tricia Sebesta
Carlos Guitron
Brad Hairrell

Somerville ISD
School Board
Walter A. Brode (I)
James Douglas (I)
Gerald Bozeman
Barbara Brooks
Jared Kotch
John Vela
Karen Wilcox
Treas L. Moore-Manas

Willis, City of
Trustee, Position 5
R. Gene Lamont, Sr.
Larry Allen