Brenham Eyes New Name for Old Street

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One of the oldest streets in Brenham may get a new name.

But some residents are fighting the change.

Brenham's African American community has a dream of its own: to rename a well known and historical street after one of the greatest civil rights leaders.

"Every other place has an MLK and it'd be nice to have it around here," said Brenham resident Eddie Dorsey.

But just up the street are differing opinions. Some residents think the name change might erase the street's own historical importance.

"It's simply academy street. It was on the map before Brenham was a city," said Academy Street resident Christy Flicker.

Flicker has lived on east Academy for ten years and says her street is just not a fitting tribute.

"We're going to honor Dr. King but we're just going to give him a nondescript street in a residential area? It doesn't seem first rate compared to some of the other things {the city's} done," said Flicker.

Flicker and others have signed a petition to stop the name change.

But just as many residents are signing their support...which puts the city council right in the middle.

"There's not unanimity in the community about the change. But the vast majority believe there should be something in honor of Dr. King," said City Manager Terry Roberts.

The council could reach a compromise by naming the west side of the street after Martin Luther King but not changing the name on the east side of the street.

"You're not going to satisfy everybody and the council just has to weigh what's best for the entire community," said Roberts.

And that route may or may not be through Academy Street.