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White Trial Winds Down

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It's been three weeks of motives, mystery and money in the James David White capital murder trial in Huntsville.

The trial is winding down and jurors will begin deliberating next week.

Jurors have heard all the evidence in the case against James David White.

Now both the prosecution and the defense hopes it will be enough to convince them.

Without a doubt, jurors know James David White shot and killed Lonnie Turner Senior on the night of November 1st, 2002.

But how it happened...is for them to decide.

Prosecutors played White's confession to investigators recorded six months after the killing.

White admits he shot Turner twice -- once through the heart, once through the head.

But in his defense, White says the victim's son, Lonnie Junior held a gun to his head and made him pull the trigger.

Prosecutors say White acted alone, only his DNA was found in a mask near the crime scene.

But the murder weapon belonged to Lonnie Junior.

And only Lonnie Junior and family members knew where the gun was kept.

In an unexpected twist, the state accused White's two best friends, Trammel Jones and Shelton Lewis of participating in the crime.

On the stand, White retold his side of the story and how he thought Lonnie Junior would kill him if he didn't kill his dad.

His attorneys also say White was high on drugs that night and has a personality disorder.

Closing arguments are expected Monday and the fate of James David White will be up to jurors.