Mayor's Spot Up for Grabs in Hearne

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Seven votes separate Emmitt Aguirre and current mayor Ruben Gomez in the race for Hearne's top spot.

Aguirre won 669 votes, while Gomez garnered 662. Richard Quinn came in a distant third with just 55 votes. Aguirre and Gomez each took 48 percent of the vote, meaning there will be a runoff for the position. But Gomez says there are voting irregularities and has called for a recount.

"We just want to make sure they're doing it correctly," said Gomez Saturday night. "I don't have a problem. I'm not a sore loser, but I want to make sure that everything was done correct."

"My first priority is to look into municipal counting," said Aguirre said Saturday night. "This money's got to stop disappearing."