Plane Crash Just a Drill

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It's a community's worst fear.

But when disaster strikes, emergency crews have to be ready.

That's why emergency responders from Bryan, College Station and Texas A&M are preparing for a catastrophic event.

"I don't know what the real thing feels like -- but it's real enough," said Latresha Nathaniel.

Latresha is a virtual survivor.

She is one of fifty three passengers aboard a charter aircraft that went down in flames at Easterwood Airport.

Of course, it's just a drill -- but when all of Bryan/College Station's emergency crews came to her rescue it felt pretty authentic.

"I got to help some other people out -- see if my friends were all right," said Latresha.

"there was fire on the left wing, so we went into control the fire and we're transporting patients right now," said CSFD Assistant Chief Jon Mies.

Mies says while every accident scene is different, the procedure stays the same.

Survivors are treated according to their level of injury then transported to area hospitals.

The emergency workers do these simulations every year so they'll be prepared for the real thing.

"When you're more familiar with people in a less stressful situation, you'll be ready when the real thing happens," says Mies.