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One Special Bryan High Graduate

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High school graduation is a time where parents are excited for what the future could hold for their son or daughter. But the Lamarche family is excited for another reason. 22-year-old Michael Lamarche graduated from Bryan High School and it was an accomplishment they thought would never come.

Six years ago Michael Lamarche's life was changed forever.

"It’s been a hard road to get him here - we went through a hard time," says mother, Donna Lamarche.

The Bryan High student was the school mascot and an avid soccer player. But severe brain damage from a car accident one September morning left him in a coma and fighting to stay alive. After numerous surgeries and months of therapy, Michael miraculously pulled through.

"We are so glad to have Michael. I mean there's not words, but every once in awhile you kind of miss the other Michael that you don't have anymore," says Donna.

The challenges the Lamarche family has had to endure is hard to imagine. But their strong faith and close knit family have pulled them closer to one another.

"He has come so far. I haven't put an end to the learning and the ability to improve. so who knows how far he can go," says father, Alex Lamarche.

"I thank my dad for helping me get to graduation and the future," says Michael.

Michael's future is still unknown, but his family continues to stay strong.

"There positive changes and that's the best thing you could hope. There could be a negative thing everyday. Who knows what the future has in store?" says Alex.

Michael had aspirations of becoming a youth minister. But his dreams are a bit simpler now.

"I would like to work at Chick -Fil- A," says Michael, who used to work for the chicken restaurant before the accident.

"You do lose that son. Its like that other one is no longer there and you have this new young man who you have to learn to get to know again," says Donna.

But underneath it all, the Lamarche's know it's still Michael and they couldn't be prouder that their miracle son is now their miracle graduate.