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One Last Show for Yoda and Vader

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At 4 PM Wednesday afternoon, the final ticket for first five midnight showings of Star Wars was sold. For around a thousand people locally, the premiere is a hyperspace holiday.

"Ever since I heard it was coming out on May 19, I was like, 'do I want to get it on the 19th, try it? Yeah, let's try it,'" said fan Andrew Tucker.

And some fans waited at Hollywood Theaters since early Wednesday morning.

"It's a momentous occasion," said Danielle Kunz. "It's the last one. Nobody else will have a chance to do this."

It is the end of the second trilogy, and of one of the greatest stories in movie history. The third prequel will serve to fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle. The fates of the Skywalker family and the ensemble of aliens and apparatuses will be decided.

Early reviews for George Lucas's project have been less than glowing, but for a series that has taken in more than $3 billion at the box office over the years, campouts the night before the show are commonplace.

In New York, the waiting spilled to the streets Wednesday morning. It's a scene playing out in cities across the country, including for fans in the Twin Cities. For them, it's all about getting the best seat.

"There's just so much happening in this one," said another fan, Clay Kronke. "You really have to be right in the middle of it, experience everything, all the sights, all the sounds."

But surely, whatever seat they end up snagging, whatever price they paid, the two-and-a-half hours will be worth it.