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Somerville Has Young Addition to School Board

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While most 21-year-olds are worrying about cramming for tests and trying to finish college, Jared Kotch is adding something else to his plate, school board member.

"Its something I’ve wanted to do, just make a difference," says Kotch.

Jared is a longtime resident of Somerville and is a junior at Texas A&M. While he doesn't have any children, education plays a key role in life and what's ahead. He hopes to one day become a teacher and coach. But in the meantime, he has plans to focus on getting current Somerville students better prepared.

"Having been a recent graduate with what I went through, I’m able to say this is how we did it when I was in school. But this is how it is now. Well let's see if we can mesh some things together and make things better," says Kotch.

Jared comes from a long line of family members who've served on school boards. A fact not lost on voters two weeks ago. He beat out six other hopefuls, including a 15 year school board veteran.

Jared is young and doesn't have much experience but that could be a positive asset to the Somerville board.

"Growing up in our generation, we saw things differently so he's gonna bring the viewpoint of younger generations and not that long out of school that we may need to stop and consider that would work better for us," says Somerville ISD board president, Bryan Crook.

He adds Jared jumped right in at the board's first meeting earlier this week.

"He had done his homework and was ready to do business. He didn't sit back and just take part. He was right in there and giving some good comments and some good things we needed to consider," says Crook.

"I feel that they believe in me, I believe in them and together as a whole unit, we can make Somerville ISD a better place to come and get a quality education and compete both academically and athletically, not only in the district but also on the state level."

Jared's focus is not only on HIS education, but on bettering the education of the 650 students in Somerville ISD.