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Hearne Mayor Mix-Up

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The city of Hearne will stick with the Mayor they've had for ten years after all -- reversing election results from this weekend.

Emmett Aguirre was announced the winner Saturday night over incumbent Ruben Gomez by just seven votes -- prompting Gomez to request a recount.

That recount won't be needed.

Monday afternoon, city officials detected an error which reversed the outcome of the election.

Gomez, along with city secretary Anna Florida, found the error during a routine review of the tally sheets from the weekend. "I was reviewing the numbers and looking at the absentee numbers. They had written 197 and it totaled up to 297 votes," said Gomez

Instead of losing by seven votes, the tally sheets showed Mayor Gomez actually won re-election by 93 votes.

Election judge Faye Hoover said she takes full responsibility for the error. "There was no error in counting the numbers of early and absentee votes," said Hoover. She continued, "The error occcured when an election worker wrote down the wrong number on the final tally sheet."

A perplexed Aguirre said he doesn't quite know what to think of the error. He said he's concerned whether or not the one hundred absentee ballots are even valid.

"I don’t know at this time if I'm going to consider a recall. I have a tremendous amount of faith in what the election judge (Hoover) tells me. If she tells me that number is good, then I'm perfectly fine with that," said Aguirre.

Hoover said the mistake was human error and that there was no wrongdoing by election workers.