Bremond Bank Celebrates 100 Years

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Marjorie Faulk worked at First State Bank of Bremond back in the early 50s. Her first job was typing statements for the county, but she eventually worked her way up to vice president. Looking back, Marjorie has fond memories of her 35-year career.

"You know then, you just learned by doing; they didn't show me what all I was supposed to do. But I remember making a deposit for an older gentlemen and I was over $35 when I balanced my window that day. And I thought what in the world? Well I remembered he had a little pass book, you had to post it in the pass book and make a deposit slip for it. Well I posted it on the pass book but forgot to make a deposit slip," says Faulk.

Today, Marjorie takes part in a special milestone, the bank's 100-year birthday. But these decades have endured their fair share of struggles; the depression, bank closings in the mid-80s and two armed robberies.

Joann Biezenski, who's going on her 30th year at the bank was one of two in the bank when one of the holdups took place.

"I happened to be adding a stack of bonds and one robber walks in pulls the gun on the teller and another one comes in and lays their hand on my arm. Both had ski masks on and when I looked around and saw a gun held to the teller; I just froze," says Biezenski.

To this day, those ski masked robbers were never caught.

Operating under 15 different presidents, going from signature accounts to numbered accounts over the years, the bank has progressed with the times.

It was only 20 years ago, when bookkeepers used to write everything from deposits, checks cashed and savings accounts in a ledger book, but now it’s all automatically done by the technology of the computer. But through it all, personal customer service is what sets apart this small town bank.

"We still answer the phone with a person and we pride ourselves in giving prompt personal service. We believe that's a competitive advantage he can carry forwards as we continue to expand in our county," says bank President, Norman Koch.

They say time is money. If that's true, the First State Bank of Bremond has managed both exceptionally well.