Consol Students Fail Part of TAKS Test

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TAKS test results are in for A&M Consolidated, and for the most part, the scores are good. But one area has raised a red-flag. More than 40 percent of College Station sophomores flunked the test's reading and writing section.

Only 57 percent of Consolidated 10th graders passed the English-Language Arts portion. That number is made more prominent when you look at how well those same students did in math, social studies and science. Even more puzzling are the scores posted by 11th graders which show across-the-board mastery of all test areas.

Deputy Superintendent Eddie Coulsen says while the marks won't prevent any 10th graders from advancing, the district is concerned and looking for ways to improve. Statewide, high school sophomores earned the dubious distinction of posting the lowest TAKS scores with only 39 percent passing all portions of the test.