Scammers Taking Advantage of Federal Economic Stimulus Package

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Scammers are taking the latest good news and turning it into something rotten.

The College Station Police Department says the newest scam deals with the new federal economic stimulus package.

Texans have received emails and phone calls from purported IRS agents claiming that the taxpayers are eligible for "Bush refunds."

The scammers then demand taxpayers' information like Social Security numbers and bank account numbers saying the IRS will directly deposit "rebate checks" into taxpayers accounts.

"A lot of people are scared of the IRS so when people call and say we are with the IRS and we need this information, they are just going to go ahead and give it them," Karla Wiesepape with the College Station Police Department said. "If somebody calls on the phone wanting any type of personal information don't give it to them."

According to information from the Texas Office of the Attorney General, this scam is identity theft fraud. The IRS does not call or email taxpayers unexpectedly to demand personal information for direct deposits. Taxpayers solicited in this manner should hang up or delete the email.

If you receive one of these calls or emails you can file a complaint with the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or by clicking on the link below.