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Franklin ISD Begins Their Plans for New Additions

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To ease the overcrowding Franklin voters spoke loud and clear. The $25 million bond was passed by a 4 to 1 vote Saturday.

Toni Mathews, Franklin school board president, says they will now move forward with their plans.

"We've done things a bit different than some school districts do. We didn't go out and spend a lot of money on plans and things like that, until we made sure the bond passed. We wanted to save money in case we needed it, cause we do have critical square footage issues," says Mathews.

Currently, the elementary school classrooms are overcrowded. The cafeteria equipped for 500...feeds 750 students. Even some high school classes are being held in the cafeteria due to lack of space.

"Those kids being eating lunch at 10:30 in the morning, just to get all of the kids fed. That's just outrageous," says Mathews.

The money will be used to upgrade current facilities and build a new high school. A community advisory committee, that includes several teachers, was formed to address the needs of each campus.

"We'll be adding a lot of new classrooms, I'm really excited about the new high school because we will be able to add more vocational classes and technology classes and that's where the world is headed today. And we want to be right up there in keeping up with them," says Mathews.

An architect firm out of Houston is getting started on the plans for the new additions. The school district is hoping to begin construction in July and the new high school is expected to be ready for use in fall 2007.