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A Corporate Twist on Home Building

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The local chapter of Habitat for Humanity is holding its third annual Corporate Challenge, bringing companies together to help build houses.

"Different corporations or companies in the Bryan/College Station area will put up money -- usually about $200 per person -- for the privilege of coming out and working on the house," said Jim Davis, construction coordinator for Habitat for Humanity.

KBTX employees spent a good part of the afternoon helping put siding on one home.

"I feel it's important for us to show that we're not just reporting about the community, but we care about the community, and that we're willing to take time to come out and better the lives of everyone out here," said News 3 editor Evan Henson. "The worst part of the job is that Bob French was correct, and it's hot out here."

Indeed, the chief meteorologist's forecast called (correctly) for temperatures in the mid-90s, with the heat index reaching 100.

"I figured it was only appropriate that if the weatherman was going to have such a hot forecast that he be out working on it," said French.

"They came and said we had a chance to come out here and I thought, 'What a great chance to help them and learn a little bit about building a house,'" said News 3 anchor Michelle Peltier.

The house the News 3 team worked on will eventually belong to Erica Perez and her family. "It just means a lot to own a house that's yours, that's brand new," she said. "It means a lot to my baby. She gets to have her own room, a big enough room. It means a lot to my husband and I."