Jury Still Out in Capital Murder Trial

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Jurors deliberating in the James David White capital murder trial are torn and the case may be moving toward a mistrial.

The jury will begin a third day of deliberation Wednesday morning but the defense is calling for a mistrial if the jurors can not reach a verdict soon.

Tuesday, the jury sent a note to the judge saying they were deadlocked.

Judge Ken Keeling asked them to go back and keep trying, but by Tuesday evening there was still no sign of a verdict.

White is accused of shooting Navasota resident Lonnie Turner Senior in November 2002.

But the smoking gun for the defense is Turner's own son.

White says Lonnie Junior made him pull the trigger which would mean he was under duress and could be acquitted.

The state says they presented enough evidence that Lonnie Junior was not involved in the murder and White killed Turner during a botched robbery.

Defense attorneys asked the judge for a mistrial Tuesday because at least one juror says no matter what evidence is presented they will not change their mind and one juror is still undecided after 14 hours of deliberating.

Judge Keeling denied the request for a mistrial.