Bryan Neighborhood Assoc. Wants Change

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Two is company but three's a crowd. That's how some Bryan residents feel about how many unrelated adults can live in one house. Now they want the city council to change it.

Bryan City Council members heard one resident after another complain about problems in their neighborhoods. These residents want the council to only let two unrelated people live in a single family home. The current ordinance allows up to four. Most residents say college students are creating most of their headaches.

"The noise level, the car level the amount of cars they have parked on the street and the neighbors are just tired of the loud parties they have every night," said Marc Luther with Memorial Forest Neighborhood Association.

"College students like to party, they like to stay up late at night, they sometimes scatter beer cans and don't pick them up," said Tom Hilde, a member of Memorial Forest Neighborhood Association.

Most residents say they are tired of college student antics, but some actually stood up for college students saying it's not fair for everyone to be punished for the actions of a few.

"Those students who are serious about studying want to live in a place that's quiet, a place conducive to studying and single family neighborhoods are one of the best places," said Obed Matus, a member of Upper Burton Creek Neighborhood.

The council is not ready to make any decisions. The planning and zoning commission will do the leg work to figure out possible solutions.

"They will look at the whole picture. They will look at whether other types of enforcement would also accomplish this as well as reducing the number. And then come back to the council with something that will hopefully satisfy the residents and be better for the city," said Kevin Russell, Bryan Development Coordinator.

But finding that balance may be easier said than done.