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Jurors Deadlock in Capital Murder Case

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It's a classic case of who done it.

A prominent Navasota business man is murdered, but the man accused of the killing says the victim's son made him do it.

Wednesday morning a Walker County jury ended deliberations but still could not reach a verdict.

The jury could not convict or acquit James David White of the 2002 murder of Lonnie Turner Senior.

Judge Ken Keeling declared a mistrial and the jury was dismissed.

But this case is far from over.

Grimes County District Attorney Tuck McLain says he will try the case a third time.

Wednesday's hung jury is the second time a jury couldn't reach a verdict.

In 2003, White was on trial for murder but jurors were split 6 to 6.

Defense attorneys say there is too much suspicion surrounding Lonnie Turner Junior to convict their client.

"I think they have a real question about the involvement of Lonnie Turner Junior. I think that is the driving force in this case, " said Lead Defense Attorney Billy Carter.

The jury did unanimously agree White was not guilty of capital murder which may affect what future case the D.A. Pursues.

"We didn't think a jury could unanimously decide on this case and we're ready for a new battle if the District Attorney tries it again," said Defense Attorney David Barron.

The jury was split 10 to 2.

Ten jurors felt White was guilty of murder, two did not.

Foreman Chris Heard said, "There were so many things you could not determine were true or not. It was just very unclear."