Liquor License Debate

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Should a racetrack in Brazos County be allowed to serve alcohol? Not if some home owners in Edge have anything to say about it.

The issue of the track's liquor license went before County Judge Randy Sims this morning. It wasn't your typical TABC hearing. At least 150 people packed into the Brazos Center for the nearly three hour long meeting.

Most of them were there to protest a proposed liquor license for a racetrack to be built in Edge.

Jimmy Kemp has been racing cars for 6 years, and was one of just a handful of people at the hearing who hopes the license is approved.

"Most of the people here, they're not arguing about him getting a license. They're trying to stop the track. They're not going to stop the track," said Kemp.

However, the track's developer, Barret Lyne, said that might not be the case. Of the 450 acres he owns in Edge, he'd like the majority of it to be a wildlife refuge with hiking and biking. He believes the racetrack, and alcohol it would serve, are necessary to maintain the whole project.

"I know of amphitheaters that have been built and they restricted alcohol and failed. They reopened with alcohol and they succeeded," said Lyne.

Wildlife refuge or not, several homeowners in Edge say they don't want drunk drivers on their small two lane road.

"I have a teenage son who is learning to drive and its bad enough driving down 974 with regular drivers on it. I don't need him driving down 974 with drunk drivers on it," said Edge homeowner Linda Stanton.

An attorney representing nearly 140 edge residents says the road just isn't meant for that type of traffic. Brazos County Judge Randy Sims will take all of this into consideration, and make a decision within 60 days.