Red Light Cameras Catch Runners Sans Fine...Until Monday

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Here's one of your last warnings: the warning period for the new red light cameras in College Station ends Sunday.

Starting Monday, if you get caught running a red one of the four intersections, you'll face a $75 fine.

More than 500 warnings have been sent or will be sent to vehicle owners since February 4 when the grace period began. Each document that goes to the vehicle owner comes with pictures of the infraction and a link to a video, one that's been reviewed by the camera's vendor and police.

"It's been viewed quite a number of times before it's accepted and sent out, so from that standpoint, it's fairly accurate," said Troy Rother, College Station's traffic engineer.

Click on the link below this story learn about the College Station CARES program for its red light cameras.

Only 18 times since they started shooting has a video been reviewed and it hasn't been a violation.

Rother says the biggest question about the cameras has been whether a driver can enter an intersection when the light is yellow.

"Yes it is," Rother answers. "If you cross that at that stop bar before the signal turns red, you've legally entered the intersection, and you won't get a ticket."

The civil fine for being caught on camera is nearly $200 less than if a police officer catches you running a red. Rother says other cities haven't made much if anything off of cameras, including college towns like Lubbock, but city officials continue to say safety is number one.

"If money is made from the project, by ordinance, we can only use it for traffic safety improvement programs," Rother explained.

They also say it will take six months to form a good baseline and determine where the project goes from here.