4th Skunk Tests Positive For Rabies In College Station

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For the fourth time in four weeks, a rabid skunk has been captured in the same vicinity in College Station.

The latest was found at the A&M Church of Christ off Earl Rudder Freeway on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Animal Control officers were called to the Raintree Subdivision (Antietam, Monitor and Raintree Drive areas) in regards to a possible rabid skunk in the area. But after a search of the area, officers were unable to locate the animal.

College Station Police are asking citizens to be on the look out for animals that exhibit a change in behavior, have unexplained paralysis or are unable to move. Other signs include not eating or eating strange foods, pawing at the mouth, having difficulty shallowing or gnawing and biting a wound.

It is always important to keep your pet's vaccination current against rabies and to not let them roam free where they might be at risk of coming in contact with a rabid animal.

However, if contact does occur, you're asked to call College Station Police at 764-3600.