Vintage Guitar Found in Centerville

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Tommy Pierce has lived and worked in Centerville, TX all his life, and as the owner of Tommy's music he's seen his fair share of vintage guitars.

However when Cad Hoyt showed up at his doorstep, Cad brought along a guitar that Tommy had never seen.

At first sight Hoyt's guitar is definitely old, but it's also unique. So unique that he and Pierce took the entire guitar apart, and they still didn't know what model they had.

After a few calls by Pierce, they soon realized that they were in possession of a 1951 Fender Nocaster guitar.

The Nocsater is a rare Fender guitar that was only made for a few months in 1951. According to Pierce, only 18 Nocaster guitars are accounted for, making Hoyt's guitar number 19.

"I'd heard of a Nocaster, but I hadn't paid much attention to them. I could be in this business for all my life and never see a Nocaster guitar because they're so rare," said Pierce.

So rare that Vintage Guitar magazine quickly took notice and offered Hoyt more than $8,000 dollars for the guitar. Being a college student, Hoyt readily accepted their offer.

"You know I always figured it had to be worth something, I mean an old Fender like that. I don't know much about guitars, but I figured it was worth a bit," said Hoyt.

"I haven't been around many vintage instruments, and to be around something this rare was really something for me," said Pierce. "99% of people that love music go all their lives and never see anything like this, it just doesn't happen."

Unless of course your name is Cad Hoyt and your from Centerville Texas.