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Local Nurse Running for a Cause

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It's a good feeling to accomplish a goal and it feels even better if you can help others in the process. A Brazos Valley nurse plans to do just that and you'll be amazed at how.

Every step this nurse takes brings her closer to her dream of helping children. Lynn Harkey is an avid runner and a pediatric nurse. It goes without say, she is passionate about children. And to help local children she has committed to running 100 miles through the mountains of California, for the Western States Endurance Run.

She's using this endeavor, to raise money for Scotty's House, a shelter for abused and neglected children.

"I really wanted to do something positive out of this to help people and since I'm a pediatric nurse and we actually take care of abused kids and so I thought that'd be a great thing to do," said Harkey.

Linda Patton, Scotty's House Director, is very grateful and says the money is desperately needed to build a new facility.

"Every year we are seeing more and more children who have been abused and neglected from the Brazos Valley and at a time when state and federal money is harder and harder to come by," said Patton.

Harkey's inspiration actually came from the father of one of her patients. Ryan Goodwyn, a teacher and swim coach at A&M Consolidated High, swam the English Channel last year and thanks to generous donations from the Brazos Valley, he was able to raise nearly $2,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

"It's kind of funny that it came full circle and she inspired me to do the swim and my swimming inspired her to do this run, so we kind of feed off each other," said Goodwyn.

Goodwyn says Harkey was a wonderful nurse for his son and also gave him tips on training for the big swim. He's hoping she'll get the same community support he did.

"This town just has a wonderful and generous spirit. I'm hoping that they open their hearts and wallets in the same way and really give back because what Lynne is doing is a phenomenal feat," said Goodwyn.

If you'd like to help, just send your donations to:
Lynne Harkey
4902 Winding Creek Road
College Station, TX 77845.

Or you can send donations to Scotty's House, their number is 979-775-4695.

Make checks and money orders payable to Scotty's House. Harkey is covering all her own expenses, so every dollar raised goes directly to Scotty's House. This is tax-exempt, non-profit organization, so your donations will be tax deductible.

Harkey will participate in the endurance run on June 25-26 in Squaw Valley, California.