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High Gas Prices Are Re-routing Summer Travel Plans

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With gas prices still at the $2 mark, travelers are looking for other ways to get to their vacation destination.

"It would take us a long time to get there. It would cost us more probably to drive than fly back and forth. We'll get their quickly and enjoy our vacation," says Kathleen Rothjen.

Rothjen and her friend, Melissa Carter, are taking a trip to Las Vegas this summer. They say flying was the cheapest way to go.

"It’s just a lot cheaper with gas prices now and it’s faster to get there," says Carter.

Connie Lara, with Aggieland Travel says rising gas prices has only helped their business. They've seen a significant boost in air travel and cruises.

"I really think people are coming in and booking cruises and doing air. Yes, its better than driving 10 hours and getting there in three hours," says Lara.

A family of four can take a trip to Disney World and pay just over $2,400 for a plane ticket, hotel, and passes to the park. But if you travel by car to Florida, you're looking at spending more than $700 for gas alone.

"Summertime does get a little bit higher for families but that's expected. That's when everyone goes on vacation. So prices do go up," says Lara.

But the convenience of taking a trip by plane or boat, rather than driving, could pay off in the end.