Another Use for FEMA Trailers

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Some folks in Caldwell think they have a private solution to a huge federal problem.

FEMA wants nearly 38,000 families to move out of the temporary travel trailers the agency gave them after the gulf coast hurricanes. Rather than see those travel trailers destroyed, the Caldwell residents would like to reuse them to house the homeless.

FEMA stopped selling the trailers this summer, for fear of formaldehyde contamination. Formaldehyde is used in the glue that holds particle board together.

Texas Campers, in Caldwell repairs and refurbishes travel trailers. The company and a nearby think tank believe the travel trailers could be rehabilitated by removing the contaminant causing material, like particle board, and replacing it with real wood.

Then, a non-profit would like to use the trailers for homeless housing.

"If some of them need repairs, fine. But lets not just destroy them because they haven't cleaned them properly or haven't handled them properly, or because it's convenient," said Bruce Aspgren of the A Institute.

The think tank and non profit say they're planning to file suit this week, so FEMA doesn't destroy the trailers.

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