Brazos County Prescription Drug Discount Program Widely Used

During the first two months since the introduction of Brazos County's free prescription drug discount program, county resident's filled 2,228 prescriptions with the cards at discounts averaging over 21% and $10.85 per prescription, according to Disctrict Clerk Marc Hamlin.

Brazos County launched the program to help consumers cope with the high price of prescription drugs.

The county is making the free prescription drug discount cards available under a program sponsored by the National Association of Counties (NACo) that offers average savings of 20 percent off the retail price of commonly prescribed drugs.

"For an investment of $2,980.00 annual dues to NACo from the District Clerk's dedicated fund, Brazos County has saved its residents $24,040.60 in just its first two months," said Marc Hamlin.

"I believe this is an outstanding success. Brazos County is third in the state of Texas only behind Tarrant County, pop. 1,671,295, and Dallas County, pop. 2,345,815, in number of prescriptions filled by residents. This is remarkable given Brazos County has a population of only 159,006."

Best of all, there is no cost to county taxpayers for NACo and Brazos County to make these money saving cards available to our residents.

The cards may be used by all county residents, regardless of age, income, or existing health coverage, and are accepted at most of the county's pharmacies.

A national network of more than 59,000 participating retail pharmacies also honors the discount card.

Cards are available at the District Clerk's Office and many other locations countywide. County residents can call toll free 1-877-321-2652 or visit for assistance with the program.

"Using the NACo prescription discount card is easy," said Marc Hamlin. "Simply present it at a participating pharmacy.

There is no enrollment form, no membership fee and no restrictions or limits on frequency of use. Cardholders and their family members may use the card any time their prescriptions are not covered by insurance."

The program is administered by Caremark Rx, Inc.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States.

Founded in 1935, NACo provides essential services to the nation's 3,066 counties. NACo advances issues with a unified voice before the federal government, improves the public's understanding of county government, assists counties in finding and sharing innovative solutions through education and research, and provides value-added services to save counties and taxpayers money.

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