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Calvert ISD Bond

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There have been plenty of school bond elections in the Brazos Valley over the last few months. Last week voters turned down Hearne ISD's proposed bond, but they passed Franklin's. Now Calvert's school district is giving it a try to improve the state of its schools.

Calvert schools are in need of repair. School officials and some parents agree the condition of Calvert's schools need attention, sooner rather than later.

The district is proposing a $5.3 million bond to build two new campuses for elementary, junior, and senior high students.

"The facilities need to be brought into the 21st Century. Both of our current campuses were built in the 20's," said Elaine Hensarling, Vice President of Calvert's school board.

She says it's time for some much needed up-grades in the district. The bond proposal includes a cafetorium, computer lab, library, and gymnasium. She says both existing schools are over 80 years old and pose unsafe conditions.

"I definitely think that Calvert needs to pass this bond issue. I think that we need a new school. I think the existing schools have fulfilled their lifetime," said Don Howell, a concerned Calvert resident.

But not everyone agrees with the school bond issue. Some residents are against it because they don't want their property taxes to go up. But others say worse things could happen if nothing is done.

"One of the issues that could happen is that our school system could be closed down by the state and we could be consolidated and if that would happen we would also then be paying our tax money into another community," said Howell.

Here's how the bond would affect tax payers. A home valued at $75,000 would see $255 annual tax increase and about $361 for a $100,000 home.

The district also points out that it's loosing students to other new schools in Robertson County and that something must be done to bring those students back and keep the ones that are still there.

If the bond passes the districts says it will not tear down the old schools because they are historical landmarks. Early voting is from now until May 24 and Election Day is May 28.