Boonville Grabs Artist's Attention

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A New York based photographer hopes to put what used to be Boonville, Texas back on the map.

Timothy Briner is working on a photo project entitled "Boonville."

He is taking a cross country journey to six towns named Boonville in six different states.

Briner has already visited Indiana, New York, Missouri and North Carolina and his latest stop has brought him to Bryan.

"All the work is black and white and there are a lot of portraits, a lot of landscapes and it's really not as much about the six Boonville's as it is about America and sort of my interpretation of growing up in a small town," Briner said.

Briner expects to be in Brazos County for 30 days, researching Boonville's history.

His next and final stop is Boonville, California. He hopes to be finished with his journey by May.

For more information on Briner's project click on the website listed below.