More Possible Meningitis Cases in Huntsville

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With only a few more days left of school, Huntsville ISD could be facing at least two more cases of meningitis. This comes on the heels of a meningitis case in a Mance Park Middle School student earlier this week. That student was released Wednesday and is recovering.

Two more students were admitted to Huntsville Memorial Hospital with a suspicion of meningitis and we're told they're being tested for the bacterial infection.

These other cases come as a bit of a surprise to the school district, who in a statement, said they've not received any information about any new or suspected cases of meningitis.

They say, "If and when we receive information from the health department on any new cases we would certainly act upon it by notifying parents, teachers and staff members by sending out letters."

Marshall O'Bryant's took his daughter to the emergency room Wednesday after she complained of severe headaches, neck pain, and was running a fever.

"So far all the information they've given us is their running test to check her white blood cells and trying to find out if they really have the full effect of it. They're not gonna know anything til the specialists come in." says O'Bryant.

A meningitis diagnosis could take up to two days, says pediatrician Dr. David Prier. He says bacterial meningitis is less common than viral. But it's usually much more serious and can be life threatening if not treated quickly.

"It’s a very serious infection. Particularly if it's a bacterial infection. There are many bacteria that cause infections and each of them are serious and usually it's a life threatening illness within about 24 hours or less on getting that infection." says Dr. Prier.

Prier also says viral meningitis is more commonly seen in the summer and is more susceptible in kids because of the constant contact.

"Its just like any infection. The ideal thing is be cautious; make sure your child is washing their hands frequently, their not eating or drinking after each other. " says Dr. Prier.

Some early signs of meningitis are severe headaches, high fever, neck stiffness and extreme irritability.

Doctors say don't panic but do be cautious. In the meantime, O'Bryant and Huntsville ISD will watch at wait, hoping the one confirmed case of meningitis early this week, didn't spread.