Prairie View A&M Students Will Be Paying More for Tuition

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The Texas A&M System Board of Regents approved a tuition hike in March for all five universities. What regents knew could happen and what students at Prairie View A&M thought would happen, may not.

Worst case scenario: tuition at Prairie View could have increased as much as $61.50 per credit hour for the fall of '05.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Prairie View A&M, Dan Williams says an increase will happen, but it won't be as much as they thought.

"The total increase for the coming year is gonna be approximately the same when you roll in all tuition and fees as it was last year." says Williams.

The current rate per class hour at Prairie View is $46, which is below the $60 average at public universities in Texas. All but $17 of the nearly $62 increase, was a contingency.

$17 was in case lawmakers went ahead with a 5 percent cut in the general revenue $27.50 was related to new buildings that were approved in 2001 through the office of civil rights or OCR fund and Prairie View would have to come up with the money.

"But at this point, with about 17 days left in the legislation session. It doesn't appear that either one of those will materialize" says Williams.

Williams says the increase, no matter what the amount, is still difficult at a school where 90 percent of students are receiving some sort of financial assistance.

"When you have a large amount of student on financial aid, like we do at Prairie View, the bottom line impact of that is gonna be the amount of loans they have to take out will have to cover their full tuition and fees will increase." says Williams.

There was a seven percent increase in enrollment last year and Williams is confident they will see an increase yet again this fall.