Missing Boy Found

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After two days of searching, officials are out of the Montgomery County woods after a quick end-of-day sweep resulted in the finding of Ryan Priestley.

"We finished up on a few more leads that we had, and we were doing a couple more canvasses of the neighborhood," according to Sgt. Ken Culbreath of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. "It was at that point that our detectives discovered him "

Officials say they found the 11-year-old just a few hundred yards from his home in the Woodlands area. Priestly had gone missing Wednesday after arguing with his parents. Although officials are in the early stages of the investigation, they tell us Priestly had heard search teams over the past two days. The sheriff's office, police, DPS helecopters and canine units all assisted in the search.

"We've had a couple of instances where kids have left and we've done searches," said Culbreath, "but nothing that I can remember that was on this scale that we had this many different agencies willing to participate."

Ryan Priestley was found just after 7 PM. Officials described him as being in good health, just a little shaken. They describe his parents as ecstatic.