A&M Bonfire Memorial Depicted in Monuments Book

A memorial at Texas A&M University is being placed in the pages of a book next to national monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and Statue of Liberty.

The Bonfire Memorial is featured in a new book called "Monuments: America's History in Art and Memory."

The memorial, which honors the 12 Aggies who were killed and 27 students injured during the 1999 bonfire collapse, is depicted on six pages in the book.

The 251-page book by architectural historian Judith Dupre was published by Random House.

"By responding sensitively to a specific event and local culture, the Texas A&M University Bonfire Memorial has transcended its regional roots and achieved a place in the national commemorative coda," Dupre writes in the opening of her book.

Other monuments featured in the book include the World War II Memorial, Tomb of the Unknowns and Mount Rushmore, among others.