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Travel Season Begins

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If you have travel plans this memorial day weekend, get ready for some company on the road and in the air.

AAA predicts one of the busiest travel weekends across the country.

"This begins the time period for the whole summer for people to focus on travel and vacation," said John Happ, Director of Easterwood Airport.

Memorial Day Weekend is a chance to get away...and for millions of Americans, they'll be driving, flying and using any other means to get where they want to go.

"We look at Easterwood airport as kind of the gateway to the world," said Happ.

Air traffic is slowly returning to pre-911 levels, with over 4 point 2 million in the air this weekend, but more passengers equal more delays.

And while airplanes at Easterwood are right on time, at other airports passengers are being greeted by long lines and longer delays.

The Department of Transportation predicts the most trouble at Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York's La Guardia airport, Newark, Fort Lauderdale and Washington DC's Dulles Airport.

It's enough to make some air travelers wish they were on the ground.

"If we can get somewhere five, six hours I prefer to drive than fly because usually anytime you have to get to the airport a couple hours early, change flights, it's going to be a 7 hour day, I'd rather get in the car and go," said Ross Wilson, flying home to Ohio.

Even higher gas prices aren't stopping people from hitting the road.

"I wish it did. You just have to bite the bullet and pay it," said Driver Jody Smith.

"It's just more of a chunk of change," said John Boydston.

Of course the price tag doesn't just include gas.

Travel prices are up overall close to 5 percent.

What road warriors save on car rentals and airfare they pay for in food, lodging and entertainment.

But that's not slowing down the 37 million people expected to burn rubber Memorial Day weekend.