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New Way to Locate Sex Offenders

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Until now it's been up to you to go online and track sex offenders who move in and out of your neighborhood. One company hopes to make that easier for concerned citizens.

"We track changes in address, changes in zip code and new registrants to that system and on a proactive basis, broadcast that information," says Russell Krauss with SCAN USA.

Alerts can be sent to your email or cell phone, and it’s all free. SCAN USA also includes important information regarding natural disasters, Amber Alerts, train derailments and explosions, all with a push of a button.

The Houston based company is doing the work for you. Just go online to SCANUSA.com, fill out the required information and just like that, you can find out immediately where a sex offender is and if their coming to you neighborhood.

Walt Melnyk with Bryan Police department says the local database through the GIS mapping program has been a tool to help residents know if a sex offender lives two houses or two blocks down the road. SCANUSA.com is just another avenue to keep families safe.

"We live in a technological age and being able to utilize information quickly is important for us to be aware of what's going on in our area," says Melnyk.

There are about 150 registered sex offenders in Brazos County and that number continues to grow.

Jim Mann, Brazos County Chief deputy says while this new tool could only help, he advises to verify with the DPS and local Web site.

"It appears to be something that would be useful," says Mann.

The free alerts began this week in California, Texas and Florida, and plans to expand the service nationwide.