Bryan's Code Enforcement Brings the Houses Down

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The City of Bryan is stepping up its efforts to enforce building and safety codes. Those actions are hitting close to home for some property owners.

An empty lot is all that remains where Diana Milligan-Krancer's father's home used to stand.

"This is it," she said. "This is all we have left."

Diana, whose father is in assisted living due to medical problems, says the City of Bryan demolished the home after declaring it structurally unsound.

"I think it's awful. I think it's sad and it's just a shame," Milligan-Krancer said. "This is his home. This is where he wanted to come home to."

However, the city says the house had become a serious safety concern in the area.

"This piece of property was inspected by the code enforcement department, building department, fire department and the health department," Russell said. "Each of them made the recommendation to have the building destroyed."

Russell says code enforcement officers look to several of the strategic initiatives set in place by the city council, such as public safety and image.

"One of the things we look for are dangerous buildings," Russell said. "If it's open to the public, then it's open for children, drug dealers and addicts to go in and use."

Once a house is deemed dangerous, Russell says the homeowner is given notification, and a hearing is set. At that time he or she can choose to bring the house up to code or have it destroyed.

"If you're going to be demolishing people's homes, offer them something else," Milligan-Krancer said. "They're elderly people out here, and they're comfortable. I'm quite sure they'd like to bring their home up to code but they can't."

However, the city says the demolition is all a part of a bigger plan: to clean up the streets and make the neighborhoods more safe.