County Residents Hope Their Land Isn't Annexed

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With just a week until the College Station City Council is expected to vote on annexing county land, some homeowners are hoping for a miracle.

Phillip and Brenda Ross live in area 5 of the land proposed to be annexed. Phillip says the couple lives on a fixed income, and is already behind on the school and county taxes they pay now. He believes living in the city would only add to their tax burden.

Brenda Ross say she's opposed to being annexed, but not just for financial reasons. "Its just the hardship of living they way they want you to live and telling you what you can do and how you can do it. That's why we live in the country, so they don't tell us how we can live," said Ross.

The College Station City Council is expected to vote on the issue next Thursday. For more information you can go to the city's website:

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