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TAMU Signs Agreement with NHI

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School may be out, but Texas A&M is doing all it can to attract more students, specifically minorities.

The university and the National Hispanic Institute are joining forces to recruit the brightest and the best latino students.

A&M's quest for diversity has been a success story.

There are more minority students on campus today than a year ago...and now a partnership between the university and the National Hispanic Institute could be the shot in the arm Texas A&M is looking for.

"The agreement is about bringing a freshman program that builds the foundation for the university. We want them to look at A&M as a serious first choice," said Ernesto Nieto, President National Hispanic Institute.

Nieto founded the NHI almost thirty years ago.

His goal is simple: find and cultivate young Latinos so they can serve the community.

But Nieto says it's a team effort.

The National Hispanic Institute will bring hundreds of high school students to campus for a leadership conference.

Gates hopes once they feel the Aggie Spirit, they'll want to stay and join an already growing Hispanic student community.

"We have a long way to go. Our goal is to get the same percentage of African American and Hispanic students that's about 62%. We'd like those numbers to be the same," said Gates.

But the Texas A&M system puts its flagship university in a unique position.

Prairie View A&M is majority African American...A&M Corpus Christi is predominately Hispanic, which could be viewed as competition.

Gates doesn't think so.

"I don't see it as a zero sum game. It's a win win. Each university offers a different experience. There are a lot of choices...we just need to persuade them why they ought to come here," said Gates.

And starting this summer, Texas A&M will get it's chance.