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Messina Hof Hits Milestone

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Messina Hof has a wine for every event, every occasion in a person's life.

But now the winery is celebrating its own milestone.

For wine makers the taste of quality takes sweet time.

"You have to nurture it all the way, crushing it, fermenting it and then aging it -- waiting until the wine is just perfect -- then it goes into the bottle," said Winemaster Paul Bonarrigo.

Bonarrigo's spent years perfecting his palate.

Because only he, not a machine, decides when a wine is ripe for consumption.

From the vine to the assembly line, Bonarrigo has a hand in everything.

"The wine industry touches people. We're there for their significant celebrations, from a wedding to an anniversary," said Bonarrigo.

But now Messina Hof is reaching it's own milestone...on this day Bonarrigo watches as the six millionth bottle of wine rolls down the assembly line.

Messina Hof's success has trickled down to the wine industry as a whole.

Texas was once last in production in the nation, and now it's fifth.

"The texas wine industry is the fastest growing wine producer in the U.S. Last year alone we had 21 wineries develop. We started with producing 2500 bottles a year, now we make close to half a million bottles a year," said Bonarrigo.

And that growth will continue as long as the Bonarrigo's have a passion for fine Texas wine.