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Grave Flags for Fallen Heroes

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Several local patriotic groups gathered on Memorial Day to leave a special marker on the graves of men and women who've died serving the United States. For some members, each gravesite brought back special memories.

Dozens gathered at the College Station cemetery to pay tribute to fallen heroes. Most were members of patriotic groups and veterans of war, each with their own special memory of soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.

" I think it's really important to remember those who served our country and we are a patriotic organization and that's what we're about," said Joan Teer, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Teer joined many others in placing American flags on the graves of local heroes. About 570 flags were displayed over all the cemetery.

" I think it's good for our children to know that people remember. They need to see the older people be patriotic and symbolically do things that honor those who have served our country," said Teer.

Bob Epps, a member of the National Sojourners, knew many of the servicemen and women buried in the cemetery. He looks through a list and recalls how his friends continued to serve the public even after their military duty was over.

" After serving the country he came back and served at A&M, and Dr. Walton continued to be active, and Jim Dozier, another engineer and professor, he taught business law here at A&M," said Epps.

Epps says the veterans used their vast knowledge of engineering to help make the department at A&M what it is today.

" I'm very, very happy that I can recognize their final resting place with an American flag," said Epps.