Changes On Their Way To A Deadly Intersection

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Another deadly accident at a dangerous Bryan Intersection at Villa Maria and FM 47.

Sunday afternoon, a three year old was ejected from the vehicle. Investigators believe the car seat may have been improperly installed.

Trooper Eddie Carmon, says unfortunately, this is not out of the ordinary.

"In order to get it as tight and snug as you possibly can what you really have to do is get inside the car and get your body weight and place it in a vehicle and push it down towards the rear of the car." says Trooper Carmon.

About 90 percent of all child safety seats in vehicles are not installed properly. Trooper Carmon says to read and follow your safety seat manual to make sure your children are locked in tight.

"But if you don't have seats secure and your childs secure then the seat is gonna be thrown around inside car. The chances are good the kid is gonna be thrown out of a car." says Trooper Carmon.

Meanwhile, Sunday's accident is one of many at the Highway 47 and Villa Maria intersection. There have been 18 accidents over the last year alone. Many of those have been much more severe due to the speed vehicles travel.

Flashing lights and numerous signs have been added on to make people aware of the intersection.

Texas department of transportation has set aside funding to build an overpass there...but it could be several years before its completed.

"Traffic will not come into contact with each other there at the intersection anymore. Because 47 will go above Villa Maria so villa maria will just go straight through at the intersection. So no cars will have contact at an intersection so we believe that will alleviate the problem." says Bob Colwell, with TXDOT.

The city of Bryan's traffic safety committee is meeting this week to discuss what they can do in the mean time to alleviate any more accidents.