40-70 Rule Gets Adult Children and Senior Parents Talking

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Amy Brauer has taken an active role in the healthcare of her mother, Virginia Thompson, for years.

Thompson who has Alzheimer's, often relies on Amy to make decisions.

That's why an open dialogue between the two is so important.

"I have discovered with taking care of my parents that things don't always happen in my timeline," Amy Brauer said. "I may not want to discuss their healthcare right now or whether they can drive right now because it makes me uncomfortable to change roles with her."

However, while it may be a difficult conversation, health experts say it's one adult children and their parents need to have.

"The 40-70 Rule is an initiative that Home Instead Senior Care developed for those 40 year old adult children to be able to speak to their 70 plus year old parents about a variety of issues, dependence, healthcare issues, and things like that," Home Instead Owner David Gest said.

Accessing conversation starting tips can be as simple as logging on to the computer. There the senior care group offers guidelines and practical advice for adult children.

"Most of our focus is on ways children can become comfortable with the fact mom and dad want to stay at home, and know that their health is going to be provided for," Gest said. "That they are going to be getting medications they need and that they're going to be able to live a successful life that feels."

Amy Brauer says having the talk now before something serious happens, prepares her in case it ever does.

"You have to discuss, find their needs, my needs, their wants, and if we can negotiate all of it we can come to a good solution for everybody," Brauer said.

It's a conversation that has also brought the two closer together.

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