A Closer Look at the Austin Democratic Presidential Debate

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The democratic presidential candidates were hot on the campaign trail Friday after Thursday night's debate.

Hillary Clinton changed her tone a bit during this debate, but the senator maintains she's here to stay.

For once, the lone star state really matters. It's the biggest contest left in the democratic race for the white house.

That's why the two candidates tackled issues Thursday night that matter to Texas, including immigration.

"It is important that we fix the legal immigration system because right now we have a backlog that needs years to apply legally," Senator Barack Obama said.

"When we see what's been happening with literally babies being left with no one to take care of them, children coming home from school, no responsible adult left, that is no the America that I know," Senator Hillary Clinton said.

For the most part the debate was friendly, until Obama bragged that he is a man about words.

"I got to admit some of them are pretty good," Obama said.

Clinton was quick to attack.

"Lifting whole passages from someone else's speeches is not change you can believe in, it's change you can Xerox," Clinton said.

It's a photo-finish race for the nomination, Obamba has won 10 straight contests in a row, meaning Clinton must win big in Texas and Ohio.

However, Obama's creed about change is catching on.

"I think Senator Obama won the debate because he stayed on the positive message of bringing real change to Washington that will positively impact the lives of average working Americans," Congressman Chet Edwards said.

After the dust settled, Clinton showed her softer side.

"Whatever happens we're going to be fine," Clinton said.

Her comments may reflect a beginning to the end, but Clinton maintains she'll fight till the finish.